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vendredi, 26 janvier 2018


A closeup on eternity
A sad pitcher in the minor leagues
Look out the window
Do you see me?

Liquor store, slippery floor
I saw my reflection in a bottle of wine
Like a neon sign
Liquor in my name
Like a drunken call to an old flame

I'm broken down, I'm all lit up
Drinking green chartreuse from a plastic cup
Another year's gone by
Hell, I'm still alive

I got a couple of texts from my mom
One said "Happy birthday"
And the other one was a smiley face, a sideways heart, xoxo
"We miss you won't you come on home?"

Won't you come on home
Won't you come on home
Won't you come on home

I see you
I see you
Oh, I see you
Do you see me?

Oh, you're one year older
Do you feel any different
It's hard to tell

Is it love or is it just this crazy time we live in?
It's hard to tell

Fool me once, shame on you
Fool me twice, well that's on me

I'm trying, I'm trying to be
Everything that I can be
But I don't have the energy

Am I waiting for a sign
Or have I lost my mind?
It's hard to tell

Well I was staring at the setting sun
And I realized my time had run on out
And I was relieved
I was relieved and I was relieved

I was relieved and I was relieved
I was relieved, I was relieved, oh I was relieved

Since you moved away nothing's been right
And I don't believe in second comings but maybe "us" never died
Your likeness drifting cross the silver moon
Passing through sometimes but you'll be gone soon
But I don't mind living with the good kind of wrong
Like it's been evening all day long

The universe it speaks in little jokes
My new therapist lives down the street from your folks
It's like living next door to my old life
And we don't talk much, just smile, say "hi"
But I'm still yours even though you're long gone
And it's been evening all day long

Oh and sadness it can leap out from anywhere
There's really really really no way you could be prepared
I'm still drinking from your cup I'm still smoking your bowl
Dreaming of a life where we get old
But it's all right
I'm used to being wrong
And it's been evening all day long

All day long
All day long
All day long

Il y a des personnes fanas d'indie dans mes abonnements Youtube, et je les remercie de faire que mon vendredi commence bien - parce qu'après la nana agressée sur ma ligne 9 (agents RATP et police pour arrêter ces saletés qui ont fait crier cette nana à la mort - tout le monde a flippé en l'entendant c'était terrible), alors merci à ces détectives de la zic cool et locale car grâce à eux je me sens bien ce soir. Je crois que je vais dormir tout le week-end avec une parenthèses pour acheter quelques vinyles à mon rendez-vous trimestriel des amoureux du disque.

bisous et bon-week-end !